Denver International Airport Information

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport Information (DEN) is accessible by several Passenger flights that arrive daily at A, B, and C Gates. Passengers arriving at A gates can choose to walk over a pedestrian bridge or take the passenger concourse train to the main terminal.

 Airport Shuttle Passengers arriving at B and C Gates must take the concourse train to the main terminal. All travelers are met in the main central area of Denver International Airport Terminal, outside level 5, Baggage or Luggage claim doors you will find on island 2 Limousine aisle Denver International Airport Transportation for arriving Airport Shuttle passengers.

Denver International Airport Information

Denver International Airport Information Ambassador staff is available to help navigate the airport smoothly. International Travelers there are several ways to get more information and help:

· White courtesy telephones located throughout the Denver International Airport.

· Information booths located in the Main Terminal and each concourse (A, B & C).

· Hospitality Ambassadors stationed throughout the Denver International Airport for information. Ambassadors wear western white cowboy hats and beige leather vests, easily recognizable and ready to provide assistance.

International Arrivals

If you are arriving to the Denver International Airport from another country and have not cleared U.S. Customs, All International travelers will arrive at Gate A. International Travelers will need to provide their passport and other required government documentation. International Airport Shuttle Passengers will exit Customs and find the Denver  International Airport arrival area on level 5 Main Terminal.

Currency Exchange

International Travelers currency Exchange at World Wide Money Exchange, located in the Main Terminal to the right as you exit the international arrivals area. There are additional locations at A gates and at B gates on the gate level above the concourse train station. Automated teller machines (ATMs) are located throughout the airport.

Denver Airport Transportation

Denver International Airport Transportation shuttle passenger pick up is located in Main Terminal, outside level 5. Walk to Island 2 to find your SUV Limousine or Mountain Carrier Shuttle Service 720-369-1496 


Denver Airport Transportation

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